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Hopefully soon there will be more content for this site.

The Goal of this project is to create a simple interface allowing Web Application developers looking to create SaaS as either a port or main distro to work with the Application Packaging Standard developed (by PLESK). Because this is an Open Standard, there is great opportunity to distribute and maintain any WebApp with Software as a Service style management, distribution and updating.

If you are here, it is most likely that you are currently developing for this standard. In which case, this project is to help create and update your APP-META.xml file. Because your time should be spent on improvements to your Application and not XML coding.

Here are the basic tasks ahead:

  • Create an outline of project tasks.
  • Some expected Features to produce:
    • Download custom APP-META.xml document.
    • Build with SSID, versioning, and releases.
    • User customization fields.
    • Multi-lang support.
    • Import of previous APP-META.xml document.
  • This will be written in PHP.
  • Can be used on THIS site, so no need to install your own distribution.